WBS Energetic System

Your energetic system requires motion to be in a state of wellness. When you block or stagnate your energy you will need to reopen the energetic pathways to be fully supported.

Mudra Set for Balancing Energy

This mudra set is a simplified version of a Kundalini yoga exercise. When used, its simple energy balancing technique can be experienced anywhere and anytime by connecting energy through reflexive points and reopening the flow of energy to the body.

Practice: Alternately, on each hand, touch the tip of each finger to the tip of your thumb. Keep each finger connected to your thumb for a few seconds, breaths, or several minutes. You can do this with both hands simultaneously or one at a time for a masculine (responsibility and discipline) or feminine (compassion and nurturing) energy focus.

Practice Variations: You can experience different flows of energy by touching different parts of your fingers together. If you connect the nail tip of the finger and the flesh of the thumb, the feeling and flow can be different if than if you use the fleshy pad of the finger.

The hand positions have the following effects:

  • Tip of index finger touches thumb—Makes you calmer and more able to concentrate. Using the nail tip keeps more of the energy with your conscious control, while using the fleshy pad moves more energy to your lower body.
  • Tip of middle finger touches thumb—The nail tip encourages growth and development of patience while the fleshy pad will bring patience to the body, mind, brain, and spirit connection in the moment.
  • Tip of ring finger touches thumb—Gives you more balance in patience and kindness towards others. The nail tip will help you focus this energy towards a specific person while the fleshy pad will help you spread this energy to your environment. Using this position to focus on yourself will help you flow energy that supplies stability and supports self-confidence.
  • Tip of pinky finger touches thumb—Increases intuition and feeling connection with the mind. Using the nail tip will bring clarity to what you want while using the fleshy pad will support awareness of what you need.

Practice Variations: Fingernail to thumb nail will give a different flow of energy as well. Depending on the placement of your fingernail along the thumb nail, you will feel more pressure coming in through the back of the body which is will support, an opening from the root chakra into the ground which is grounding support, or energy moving along the surface of the skin between Earth and Sky which is sky support.

Holding all the fingers to the thumbs at once for 2-5 minutes will give you a quick overall rebalance of flow.

Purpose: This practice is excellent support when under stress or experiencing anxiety.

Moving Energy Between Your Hands

Imagine that you can flow the energy in one hand through the air and into the other. Now let’s make that happen.

Practice: Hold your hands in front of you, palms facing each other, about eight inches apart:

  • Close your eyes. You can hold your hands long and taught or loosely cupped. Experiment to see how each feels with the next steps.
  • Slowly move your hands towards each other until you feel pressure build between them.
  • Open your eyes.

It can be surprising to see how far apart your hands are when you begin to feel the pressure build between them. Now holding your hands about eight inches apart:

  • Slowly move your hands towards each other until you feel pressure build between them.
  • While still feeling the pressure begin to move your hands towards and away from each other, gently bouncing your hands against the pressure of the energy between them.

Continue this practice until you feel comfortable with feeling the energy between your two hands. Next, with your hands in front of you, palms facing each other, about one inch apart:

  • Hold your hands at one inch apart and focus on the energy between them.
  • Sit feeling the energy for thirty to forty seconds.
  • Slowly pull your hands away from each other, feeling the energy stretching apart between them as they move.

With your hands are eight inches apart again, having just pulled them apart and with the energy still stretched between them:

  • Feel the energy connection between your two palms.
  • Release the hold of energy from one hand and let the release of your stretching the energy make the energy bounce or flow into the other.
  • Feel the energy solid in only one hand.
  • Now shift the energy back to the other hand.

Over time you will be able to freely feel the energy moving between your hands. You will be able to toss the energy back and forth, and even toss the energy in your hand to another person in a way they will feel.

Purpose: This practice will bring conscious awareness to your personal control of flowing energy within your closed energetic system.

Opening Energy Flow

You can easily open the flow of your own body with your own hands through this awareness practice.

Practice: Begin in a comfortable position. A quiet relaxed environment is helpful for a beginner.

  • With palms facing each other, about eight inches apart, open the flow of energy between your two hands.
  • Choose an area of your body to slowly move your hand or hands over.
  • Go very slow, your hand hovering one to four inches above your skin, feeling the energy between your body and your hand.
  • Establish your awareness to what a feeling of normal for your body is.
  • When you feel something change in the feeling of your hand or in your body, stop moving your hand.
  • Experience what you feel without any thought.
  • When the feeling goes away and returns to what felt normal, begin moving your hand or hands slowly again over your body. 

Practice Variation: Using the same method, you can feel the energy outside of the physical body. You can use this method to affect your aura energy and templates. You can also use it at different levels internally. Going into the physical body you can effect your bones, circulation, and organ tissue with this method.

Practice Variations: You can practice using this method with someone else. Slowly move your hands over them in the same manner. Some people will feel a difference as you move your hands.

*It is a good idea to practice Moving Energy Between Your Hands before trying this practice.

Purpose: This practice resets energy in the body without a conscious understanding of the distortion issue.

Water Method for Clearing Chakras

Water has a natural ionization effect on a body and can increase your awareness to energy as it flows over you.

Practice: With the water running down your back:

  • Hold one hand at the base of your spine. This is the back of your second chakra.
  • Hold the other hand over the lower abdomen. Move your hand two inches away from the lower abdomen. Your hand should be about two inches below your belly button. This is the front of your second chakra.
  • Relax into your breath.
  • Once relaxed, with your eyes closed for beginners and open for advanced, visualize the motion of the chakra.
  • With your thoughts encourage the rotation of the chakra to be counterclockwise. Your body is the face of the clock.
  • With the hand two inches away from your lower abdomen, rotate your fingertips in a circle counterclockwise, turning three or four times.
  • Feel the resistance in your body to this motion. Go at a pace that you are creating gentle movement with your mind and fingers within the resistance energy of the body.
  • After a few spins scoop up what you have moved and rinse your fingers in the water.

This practice breaks up the energetic sludge and toxins that adhere to the walls of the chakra. Repeat for all seven chakras, rinsing your hands thoroughly in between to help the body and mind accept the release of the energetic build up.

After you have cleared the chakras:

  • Return your focus to your first chakra.
  • Spinning your hand clockwise three or four times, with your thoughts encourage the rotation of the chakra to be clockwise.
  • Repeat this with all seven chakras to return the speed and direction of the chakra to clockwise.

Practice Variation: Pay attention to the different textures you may find in each chakra- like cotton, soup, granite and more. Each sensation represents a specific kind of energy block you are utilizing. Over time you can connect the behavior to the type of block you create. This will help identify the root issue so it can be released permanently.

Purpose: A clean, clear chakra is able to draw in natural energy to support you in all areas of your life.


Grounding helps connect the power of your mind to the strength of Earth.

Practice: One method of grounding is visualization. Begin by feeling how your roots are connected to the earth.

  • Feel yourself as a tree, your bare feet on the ground.
  • Feel your roots as the stem from your feet into Earth. Use this feeling to visualize your process. Notice the color of your root system and how your roots spread below the ground’s surface.
  • Now dig deeper with them. Drive a long, thick taproot into the core of Earth.
  • Tie this root around Earth’s core. Anchor yourself to the center of Earth.
  • Take a few deep breaths. Feel your anchor and tighten it around Earth’s core so that you are firmly connected to the ground on which you stand.

You are now grounded to Earth.

Practice Variation: While grounded, imagine the branches of your tree. Balance between the strength of the branches and the stability of your root system. With your breath feel the entire stratosphere around the earth. Feel your connection to life and power as you are united with Earth and Sky.

Purpose: Grounding supplies a stable energy source to the physical body.

4-2-8 Breathwork & Meditation for Monkey Mind

You can break it down into these parts:

Three Parts of Breath

Breath should be passive and relaxed, not controlled or forced.

  • Inhalation is quiet and through the nose. Be sure that the breath is diaphragmatic. The motion should be in your abdomen only, not your chest, leaving your shoulders relaxed and still. This should be done for approximately 4 counts inhalation (a count is an arbitrary unit of time based on your comfort).
  • Retention of breath is a pause in breathing. Do not hold your breath like in swimming. It is a more natural state where the air is not being forced, pressured, or controlled; breath is not going in or out.  This should be done for approximately 2 counts retention.
  • Exhalation is done gently and with awareness rather than forcing breath to exit. It is the weight of your muscles themselves that will push the breath out. This should be done for approximately 8 counts exhalation.
Relaxing the Body

After you are comfortable with the breathwork it is important to consciously relax all parts of your body. You have been holding your muscles and organs in a state of tension. Be aware of the tightness in your muscles and encourage them to relax. Move up you body relaxing each set of muscles as you go. Sometimes you will tighten groups up as you relax others; be aware and return them to a state of relaxation. If you need more specifics on this reference Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

Quieting the Conscious Brain

By quieting the chatter that is externally impacting you, you give your mind space to share. The mind speaks more softly than the brain because the brain’s job of protecting the physical form and saving you from death takes priority. When the brain is continuously preoccupied with external chatter, the information being held by the mind instead of embodied becomes outdated and stagnated. This meditation creates the space to help you identify and translate the stagnant information from the mind. This allows the stagnant energy to resume flow and transform the unproductive information being held in the subconscious into communicated useful information. Try each of these suggestions for 1-3 weeks to find which works best for you.

  • Mantra
  • Counting Your Minute.
  • 4-2-8 Breathwork
  • Beginning Silence

Apply Diaphragmatic Breath and Progressive Muscle Relaxation to the entire meditation.

Practice: Using diaphragmatic breath, begin progressive muscle relaxation:

  • Breath in 4 counts, 2 counts retention, exhale 8 counts.
  • Continue relaxing the body as you breath.
  • Clear your mind’s stagnation by returning your brain to silence or a similar method of quieting the conscious brain.
  • Stay in the clear, relaxed, controlled breath experience for 10-30 minutes.
  • Repeat daily for 30 days.

Over time, by creating this open flow of the mind’s information into your consciousness, you will allow for the reconnection of your third eye. Fewer and fewer distracting thoughts will come into your brain as you realize the support you need is coming to you. The thoughts coming in will be the answers or information you have been waiting for. Ideas, concepts, and solutions will all start to appear as needed. You will experience a feeling of peace, relaxation, and confidence in your own purpose to manifest what you need without the feeling you can fail.

Purpose: Reopen full connection of body, mind, brain, energetic system, and spirit.