WBS Holding Emotional Pain

The holding of emotional pain occurs when you are forcing yourself to be or do something that is not in alignment with your truth. This effort has damaging results and appears first as Active Blocking and second as Passive Holding. Some examples of how you might feel your blocks in regards to emotional pain are:

  • When you want to say something and don’t—your throat burns.
  • You believe your love has betrayed you—your chest feels like it is caving in.
  • You want to kick someone for being an ass—your ankle throbs.
  • You are stubbornly holding a grudge—your joints ache.

When you feel these symptoms, you may think that if you could control your emotions you would be fine. When you control your emotions, you are actually burning yourself with your actions. Continuing to ignore your energetic pain signals will create these kinds of results:

  • The pain overload will create exaggerated reactions to simple experiences.
  • Your body will internalize the pain and break down in the form of disease or illness.
  • The emotional overload will rise up creating your need for a breakdown or illness.
  • You will experience loss of joy and connection to self and with others.
  • The mind will suffer from severe and lasting mental depression with physical impact.

Emotional pain is increased by habitually prioritizing your beliefs based on socialization. Literally the way to stop emotional pain is to be aware of it and pull back from your entrenching beliefs.

Practice: Look at triggers for emotional pain and how to work with them in detail using Contemplation and Release Methods. Pay attention to how deep you cut yourself with emotional pain, making it impossible for people to communicate or help you. Example: In my relationship, when my partner is late getting home I take it personally, making it about me. I cause an emotional uprising inside that is inconsolable.