WBS Hydration

Hydration is a key component in wellness. It affects you on all levels of your body, mind, brain, and spirit. When your body is adequately hydrated, everything moves better.

  • The electrical foundation of your body is based on water. Without water it is harder for energy to move through the body. Even mild dehydration is a physical block to energetics.
  • Water is necessary to move toxins out of the body.
  • Adequate rigidity of the cell membrane is critical to both body and spirit. Water is necessary to maintain cellular health.
  • If the body is dehydrated, the electrical signal does not readily move through the brain. The correct timing of signals in the brain are necessary to support mind connection.
  • Spirit is the electrical balance of the physical body. Without a medium for spirit information to move through, the body and brain cannot receive the effortless balance they need to function.

Due to socialized needs we have learned to control the signal of thirst. Try this Hydration Method to break habitual behavior.

Practice: Make an effort to add adequate hydration to your day.

  • Set an alarm to drink an 8oz cup of water every hour for eight-fourteen hours
  • Discontinue scheduled drinking approximately 2-3 hours before bed

You will urinate much more as body flushes toxins. Plan for this by making sure the first two days that bathrooms are readily available. You will notice on the second or third day you become thirstier even though you are drinking more water. The body is moving out of the dehydration cycle and now wants to flush out more toxins and fill up all the cells that have been under hydrated. By the forth day your body should be more acclimated to its need for hydration creating its own level of thirst. This will allow you to discontinue the scheduled drinking and drink as the body desires. You will notice with proper hydration:

  • A change in urine color, becoming clearer as the body has fewer and fewer toxins.
  • Decline in physical appetite as your body acclimates to the new hydration. During this process, it is okay to skip eating when you aren’t hungry.
  • You may need to add small amounts of Himalayan salt and minerals to your water to help your body as it is flushing out toxins.
  • A reduction in mental and physical stress.
  • Over all physical well being, reduction in pain, and increase in mobility.
  • Your practice is more easily achieved.

Disclaimer: All dietary and medical questions should be answered by your wellness professional of choice. These suggestions are made with the consideration that you are in a state of wellness, medication free, and can physically support the change when implemented. If you experience any adverse effects stop the practice immediately.