WBS Kindness

Being kind to your self includes many different ideas. One kindness idea is to always know you will be okay. Use some of these methods to bring you back to a place of okay anytime you need.

Open-Ended Hope

Remember what it was like to have hope as a child, to feel the excitement and just know something amazing was about to happen? Open-ended hope is that experience. It is your connection to the amazing world of possibilities without the control of narrowing the free flow of your energy. This practice can be applied anywhere, at any time, and should be practiced purposely so when you need the support you have the energetic muscle memory in place.

Practice: Think of something you are hopeful for, like a new job, having a healthy baby, or financial abundance. Now:

  • Visit in your thoughts what you are hopeful for.
  • Sit with the idea in detail, with thoughts only. Do not dig into the feeling of what it is you are hopeful for.
  • Now, let go of all the details. Think of the end result only as an event.
  • Do not formulate how to make it happen. You cannot possibly calculate for all the variables the universe has to offer you. Your attempt to create with conscious calculations will limit the fullness of the energy of hope.
  • Look at your event. Example: I hope that I get a new job.
  • Feel only your statement—I hope that I get a new job.
  • Next, feel only a part of your statement—I hope that I get.

Stay with this until you feel the difference of the energy flow without control. There is a noticeable difference between hoping for a new job and hoping you get, and stopping without any direction after get, while the energy is still high with expectation.

  • Next feel only your statement—I hope.

When you successfully focus on only I hope, you will feel the difference much like when you were a child and hope was full and exciting. You have succeeded in removing the blocks of mental control. Open-ended hope fully supports the heart chakra, which in turn fully supports the energy of your entire body.

What happens with hope and other foundation vibrations like love, gratitude, and charity, is that you move to control their support instead of accepting it. When you condition the vibration with conscious control (which is like mixing in an additive or extra ingredient) then you change the energy’s ability to bond with your intention. Your control limits universal support.

Purpose: The purpose of open-ended hope is to experience the power and strength of the hope vibration at its fullest.

Expanding White Light

Use the heart chakra to feel better. Not having enough energy in your body can cause all kinds of complications.

Practice: How to bring the light from the inside of the heart center to the outside:

  • Get in a comfortable relaxed position.
  • Take a few deep, relaxing breaths.
  • Allow your mind to run through thoughts and then stop thinking about them until the mind is still.
  • Slow down until the mind is still.
  • Breathe in with retention then exhale.
  • Tighten and release a few muscle groups to release tension in the body.
  • With your eyes closed find a spot of brightness in your body, the brightest spot you can find. It may be grey, white, or even bright white. The easiest to work with is bright white.
  • Continue the breaths in and out while you search for the brightest spot in your body.
  • Once you have found that spot, where ever it is, you are going to focus on it.
  • Focus on the light and make it brighter, as bright as you can get it to go. The goal is the bright white of an electrical flash.
  • Use a visual aid if you want. Imagine something brighter than the light you have already found, light bulb, lightning, etc.
  • Bring it as bright as you can and hold it there.
  • Now that it is brighter and you are holding the brightness, make it larger. Maintain the brightness while you expand it.
  • Be sure to maintain your breath, deep with retention at the top of the breath.

Fill up your entire body and hold it. After it is stable you can move the light out past your body to fill up the space around you.

Purpose: Increasing the light content of your body can move you from skewed balance to balance. You can also use this method of increasing light energy to support those around you.

I Cannot Possibly Know

Spending a lot of time thinking about stuff that you cannot see a resolution to will not support change or get you your answer. It will often shut you down and make you feel as if you have no hope. This kindness method allows you to see self and others without the constant mental block of assumption.

Practice: The goal is to create temporary distance between self and others or between self and an idea when there is no immediate resolution.

  • As soon as you start to feel pressure or stressed STOP!
  • Do not assign meaning to a feeling.

Your subconscious has already flipped through all your memories and complied support for your reaction of fight or flight before you feel it. Your brain is following your preset definitions for response. You need to interrupt these preset response definitions.

  • Do not follow the path fight or flight has opened. Instead issue a new command.
  • Each time you think a thought repeat out-loud if possible, “I cannot possibly know what this means”.

If you only say it in your head you hear it once. This is okay. When you repeat it out loud you hear it twice. This is more support. If you say it to someone who understands you and the method, this is best and gives you external support as well.

  • With each thought repeat, “I cannot possibly know what this means.” Stay focused on this as a command.
  • When given as a command, the statement breaks the brains assumption that this moment is like a moment in the past. When the brain refuses the previous assumption, the subconscious will look for something new.
  • Repeat again the command. Each time you command with insistence, “I cannot possibly know what this means.” your subconscious accepts the command and releases past control parameters.
  • Allow a feeling to flow through you without knowing what it means. Repeat the mental command over and over, “I cannot possibly know what this means”.

Remember, what you are doing with this command is interrupting the habitual process with a stronger, active mental command. Your subconscious keeps stopping and accommodating the command. Do this for as long as you need until you are through the feeling and ready to move on.

If you go right back to the idea or situation that you were working to release, you may start the process over. Waiting to address the issue allows the subconscious time to move past the intense focus of fear that triggered the initial experience of pressure or stress. You may need to apply this practice more than once, longer than a day even, to reach a point where you can address the issue. If you cannot set the issue aside for the length of time necessary or there is no resolve, seek help from a trusted and supportive resource.

Practice Variation: Assumption is a very powerful energy. Keep in mind—if you want to or need to assume something you could assume the best possible outcome. You fuel the Law of Attraction. Instead of feeding it fuel that is fear based, feeding it positive fuel to create what you want can make a big difference. Refer to Assumption under Circular Distortion for more information.

Purpose: Assumption is designed to help you assess limited information and draw conclusions that will benefit you in your world. Over time, as you moved into skewed balance, you began to make assumptions that moved you into a negative place of self. Use this method to help you see that life is good.

Everything Changes

The belief “nothing changes” is a command to your energy to stop moving. Energetically you become trapped in a distortion pattern. The longer you hold this the more uncomfortable it becomes. Everything changes.

Practice: For this practice you will pick a specific person in your life. Think of a specific, repeating pattern you see in this person. With your focus and attention:

  • Ask yourself what does not change. Pick only one thing that does not change.
  • Clarify the details of your thought, what this singular thing is that does not change. This is your focused thought.
  • Pay close attention to what this thought makes you feel.
  • Identify where in your physical body you feel this focused thought.

Your focus is a single idea of what specifically is not changing. Do not allow yourself to stack a bunch of examples or beliefs on top.

  • Settle into the mantra, “I cannot possibly know what this means.” Refer to the practice I Cannot Possibly Know.

Staying with your focused thought, apply the mantra to the thought. Continue applying the mantra to your focused thought until you fell the space where you found the focused thought in your body change. Once you feel the space change:

  • Consider if it is true or not that nothing changes.
  • Allow your subconscious to supply you with proof that the item of your focused attention has indeed been different at least once in your experience with this person. Recognize your exaggeration of the idea “nothing changes”.
  • Turn your attention to the idea that everything changes.
  • Consider that things repeat instead of believing they do not change.

Although it is true that human beings are habitual, it is not true that they do not change. Energy is always changing. Your subconscious mind maintains constant change and flow with your external world accept when your brain steps in and overrides that flow of change.

Practice Variation: You can follow your release of the belief “nothing changes” with the mantra “Everything Changes” or a series of affirmations that support the idea of positive change as possible in your life.

The rules that apply to cause and effect in science do not work energetically. Energetically there are far more variables to consider in change—too many to solve for with conscious thought. Changing the focus of the brain allows your energy to open and flow instead of hold and shut down. This open flow connects you to the support of your mind’s intuition and your body’s natural organized processes.

Purpose: Your brain’s power to hold the belief “nothing changes”, blocks aspects of yourself. This kindness method allows for healthy change and a return to the free flow of personal energy.