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There are many different kinds of meditation. There are so many you may wonder where to start, where to go next once you have gotten started, and where you might end up after you make all this effort. Lets talk about the purpose for meditation and a few of the different types. No matter what direction you take, it is a good idea to do something every day so you create a habit of meditation.


Meditation is a form of re-connection. It is designed to bring you back to a true state of being. At some levels, meditation is like a master reset of your energetic system, reconnecting body, mind, brain, and spirit.

When you are born you are free to live in the moment. As you begin to think with the conscious mind you create a storage system for each labeled item and event. It is the use of this process that keeps you constantly out of the moment, always living in the past or seeking the future. If you are a beginner, as soon as you start meditating your mind will attempt to apply labels or memories to all things. By taking time for meditation you adjust this learned behavior to allow access to the state of being that will bring you to a point of pure awareness. This process of adjusting and achieving this reconnection is meditation.


Because you are constantly jumping in and out of the current moment retrieving thoughts, connections, and created desires from moments that you have already experienced, you need to meditate to return to your true self—existing in a state of pure awareness. Meditation releases the body, mind, and brain from their constant tasks. As this occurs, your spirit is then capable of stepping forward and retrieving whatever the body, mind, brain, and spirit have decided is necessary to help you with your journey.


Without meditative discipline your thoughts create a process of organization, comparison, assumption, judgment, attachment, and conclusions. It becomes impossible to simply observe and receive as you hold control over the veil. With meditation, each step of the way you will experience through responsibility and discipline a desired state of existence. In this state, you will recover your truth, why you are here, and where you will be going.

The practices found on Opening Space for Connection can help as well as other practices found at WBS Practice Methods and Techniques for setting the grounds for meditation.If you have followed the foundation preparation in The BASICS, you will have an easier time with Meditation.


A common complaint for beginners trying to meditate is that they can’t do it, their minds just won’t shut up, they can’t sit still that long, they get bored, they fall asleep and more. You are already learning an important part of meditation, your mind is demonstrating that you have lost the art of pure seeing. You are preoccupied with thoughts, concepts, misinterpretations, labeling, and understanding and can no longer see things as they are in their true form. You only see in the form of thoughts that you have self created. By bringing your mind gently back to the art of pure seeing you will have a re-connection to the part of you that is whole, complete, without fear and confusion. In these moments it will be possible with meditation to re-adjust the concepts that you have been using to create in your life. Experiences that are distasteful, dissatisfying, ugly, incomplete, or misleading can be moved through with your creation ability you develop.

Creating your own meditation is easy. Feel free to try several meditations prior to creating your own so you can get a feel for what you wish to accomplish through meditation. A few factors to consider are:

  • breath- different types of breath create different reactions in the body. If you want to relax consider a slow steady breath. To increase energy consider a deep powerful exhale.
  • position- the physical position of your meditation can teach you much about yourself. Beginners should use whatever is most comfortable. As you progress in your ability be sure to consider more structured poses that are designed to bring more energy into the body.
  • desired outcome- whether it is to relax, find balance, or receive direction, forming an intention based on your desired outcome will help with the effectiveness of your meditation.
  • structure- meditation can be structured to lead to a place where you receive something. Consider what you are searching for be it peace, relaxation, information, understanding, compassion, etc.
  • sustainability-  a meditation that is too difficult, time consuming, or tedious is a meditation that you will not do. Daily meditations should be based on sustainability. It is okay to create a routine that is done periodically to address deeper issues much like a quarterly or annual check-up would do.

After considering all of these factors it is time to get started.  Sitting in a relaxed position, take in a breath and exhale. Breath at a slow and steady pace releasing stress from the body with each exhale. Many people find it beneficial to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth; you choose which you like best. The important part to remember is that you are progressively relaxing the body while letting go of conscious thought. Now you are meditating! Have fun and be creative.

Visualization for Self-Healing

You can find reference to self-healing through meditation at Self-Healing Through Visualization Meditation.

Guided Meditation and Mandalas

Guided meditation takes on many forms:

  • Music.
  • Recorded audio and video guided meditation.
  • A printed source to be read.
  • The intuitive nature of a guided meditation specialist.

An intuitive person to person guided meditation can help accommodate your level of need. The guide will intuit the information for you, feeling your connection to the meditation, leading you deeper and more completely through the motions of creating and fulfilling your meditation needs.

Mandalas, like guided meditation, are used to move the conscious mind out of the way and let the subconscious take the drivers seat. The consciousness’s attempt to keep you safe can leave you stilted or falsely balanced due to belief systems that do not align with the core of who you are. Mandalas provide space for you to hear things your consciousness is blocking.

Try some of the meditation guidelines on the WBS Meditation playlist:

 WBS Meditation Playlist