WBS My Thirty-Day Plan


My Thirty-Day Plan

Want more support? Try one of the Thirty-Day Plan options. Here is an example of what your thirty-day plan may look. In your thirty-day plan…

Would prefer them to start on the app. The group app is free. A personalized drip system app would cost more. If you want an assistant that will cost more too. If you want someone to answer simple questions it is $100. If you want support weekly it is $500. If you want support 5 minutes daily it is $1500. If you want support 20 minutes daily it is $3000. If you want someone to monitor your energetic change daily and offer suggestions and support that is $5000

Participating in this group will allow you to ask questions daily and share your experiences with others that are moving in the same direction as you, towards awareness of self and others.

Video Support (or Audio)

For a fast paced life that needs support in explanation instead of reading. For a program with video support choose this one. It includes video explanations for each section

My Story

For a more personal sharing of the experience that is less dry and more entertaining you can opt for My Story version that includes my insights and reasons for my choices and experiences.

In the beginning I was sick in bed about 18 hours a day and it was still hard to have a practice! I would go a whole day without spending even a second on wellness. Because of my Multiple Sclerosis, I had alarms set four times a day for medication. To create a time for my practice, before I took my meds I snoozed the alarm and I spent time with my practice. After ten days I noticed my resistance to creating my practice time faded. After three weeks I looked forward to my practice!


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