WBS Release

Release occurs the moment you realize you are controlling your life in an unnatural way. In that moment you make the conscious choice to stop controlling. A large part of release is being able to move the brain’s conscious control aside, letting your energetic system return to its natural state of ability. Release can be as simple or as complicated as you make it.

Simple observation of your experience without attachment, judgment, assumptions, or conclusions is all that is needed to release the flow of energy. To get started with this, try some of the Release Practices and Methods.

Resting in Place

When you feel too much pressure and cannot in the moment find the reason or do not have the luxury to remove yourself from the pressure you can try Resting in Place. Resting in place will release pressure by allowing the brain to stop and take a break so the mind can reconnect and offer support.


  • Start by taking a few relaxing breathes, not deep, just relaxing.
  • Bring your breath into the center of your chest. Keep your focus to the front half of your body, expanding the feeling of your skin outward.
  • Keep your focused breath in your chest for several breaths as you feel your body move more into relaxation.
  • As you relax allow your breath and energy to settle back down into your body.

This practice stops the pressure that has forced the mind out of the body and removes the escalation of the fight or flight activity that the brain has automatically engaged. Once settled back into your body, the brain has slowed down, giving the mind space to settle and connect fully.

*It is a good idea to practice Diaphragmatic Breath, Progressive Relaxation, and Feel Energy in Your Body Parts prior to using this method.

Purpose: Often when we feel pressure the mind moves out of the body. From this place of reconnection you can reduce internal pressure and move intuitively.

Overlapping Principles for Releasing Blocks

This method is for the brain. Underneath all this injustice we perpetrate on ourselves we have softness, a very gentle part of who we are. Look for a place in your life where you freely express this internal existence of yourself.

For some of you this comes out when you:

  • See a puppy.
  • Hold a baby.
  • Look at flowers.
  • Think of the elderly.
  • Remember a first kiss.
  • Watching a child succeed.

Use anything that allows you to let down all the built up beliefs and barriers that you use to control your life.

Once you have identified this item you will use it like a totem. A totem allows you to get back to the energetic experience of any given moment with less effort. This is why people keep mementos, for this very reason of creating a totem that transports them through time back to the energetics of the experience.

Practice: Think of your totem.

  • Close your eyes and visualize your totem.
  • Go to a recent experience or an experience with great impact regarding your totem.
  • The moment you are referencing still exists out of current time. Allow yourself to go there and re-experience the actual moment that was your experience.
  • As you start to feel the moment where you experienced your totem move into as many feelings of that moment as you can.
  • Hold your experience solidly in your body, mind, brain, and spirit.
  • While holding these feelings separate them from the experience, hold the feeling as you without the thought of your totem.

To effectively feel yourself, you may need to practice holding the feelings of your experience without the memories or use of your totem before moving to the next step.

  • While holding your feelings in your body come back into this moment.
  • Go back and forth between your current moment and the experience of holding the feeling internally. You may have to go back and forth multiple times before you can fully bring that openness into this moment.
  • Once strongly rooted in the feeling you want reconnect to the experience you do not enjoy. Apply this feeling to the unenjoyable experience.
  • Keep going over the unenjoyable experience until you can think of it without the attachment or barriers that make it unenjoyable.

What did you really do? You opened up the free flow of your energy that existed in that moment in this one. You are flowing freely. This is one way to start your practice, in this total open free flow of energy. Doing this, opening up this flow inside of yourself, will give you a very strong open foundation to build from.

Over time, you will be able to get to this free flow simply by thinking of the feeling of being open and flowing.

Practice Variation: You can use this method to open yourself up after any experience that shuts you down or closes you off. Returning to this state of being is a plus all the time. Apply this method to make new blocks apparent and help you gage when you have changed without noticing it.

Purpose: This practice allows the brain time to learn to let go of stimulus and still feel safe.

Feeling Release

For this exercise you will need concentration, observation, and the ability to feel your body.

Practice: In a comfortable position:

  • Locate a spot in your body that feels discomfort.
  • Give this spot your attention of observation.
  • As you observe it without attachment, judgment, assumption, or conclusion, the spot will change. Observe the changes without attachment, judgment, assumption, or conclusion until the spot either moves or disappears.
  • If the spot disappears pick another spot to continue the practice. If the spot moves then repeat the observation of it in its new location.
  • Repeat the release as many times as you want.

Letting go of a physical block without thought can be a successful release method for items that are traumatic, deeply emotional, or driven by ego.

Once your releases are complete, energy will flow to these areas that were blocked and balance can be regained. With the energetic support returned to the body, looking back at the issue without the skewed balance makes seeing your truth easy and simple.

Purpose: The purpose of this practice is to release the physical hold a mental block has on your body.

Contrast and Comparison Perception Release

Often, with your powerful mental creations, you can get stuck between layers of experiences as you attempt to prioritize one thing over another. Some unknown subconscious reasoning drives you to hold a belief and you are unmovable in regards to this belief. You are so sure you are right that you are willing to sabotage your own efforts with your stubborn unmovable hold on the importance of this belief.

Even when you decide you want to be different, you cannot find the root of your stubborn hold on this belief or what experience instilled it in you at the moment of creation. It is disturbing your ability to live a joyful life. You can contrast and compare your perception to others to release the conscious hold, to give you a wedge between the imprint of the belief and the actions you use to support it.

Practice: Pick an issue that you are sure you are right on that causes you struggle. When you are stuck in your perception of an issue, taking a step back and seeing it from a different angle can make all the difference.

Best Friend Angle

  • Look at the situation as if you were helping your best friend who you have no judgment or condemnation for, just open support for what they need in their life.
  • See the situation. See what the clear intention would be without all the mental baggage you yourself use to cloud and complicate issues.
  • From this place of observation place the idea that you cannot possibly know what your belief means.
  • Now move back to seeing your situation with this wedge between the belief and your experience. You can make a new creation here that loosens the hold of your belief on your reality. From here you can use one of the Contemplation exercises to further break down your belief and open it up to your free will instead of your imposed social obligation to self or others.

Cultural Angle

See how in other cultures this experience is different. A great example of a belief that changes culturally around the world is modest clothing. Not everyone believes the way you do and they can live successful, happy lives without this burden. If you continue to hold your belief in a stubborn way, then consider the underlying issue that is driving your need for this and what can you do to see around it until you can later dissect it through deeper Contemplation.

*Do not use this method to justify something that you know will harm you or others.

Purpose: A belief is not a factual item. It can be changed. Realizing your ability to change is impacted by your focus can help you release beliefs that do not serve a useful purpose in the current moment of application.

Water Release, Leaning In

In many ways you have been taught that pain is to be avoided. The avoidance of feeling our emotions and physical pain stops the flow of energy in the body.

Practice: Remember how great that shower felt in the past—your indulgence of the water on your skin, how the temperature of the water was so soothing, and how you stood there leaning into the pressure of the water as it thrummed against your skin. Get in the shower:

  • With the water on an area of your skin that feels good, lean into the pressure.
  • Roll your body part back and forth under the pressure of the water.
  • Lean into the water feeling the pleasure through and through.
  • Now move your body until you find a spot that the water does not feel pleasurable. Lean into the water with the same enthusiasm as you did when it was pleasurable.
  • Roll your body part back and forth under the pressure of the water.
  • Lean into the water feeling the pleasure through and through.
  • Keep your focus on the pain and try to hold the pain.

You will notice the pain reduces under your focus even when you try to hold it.

Purpose: This simple act allows the body to give its awareness to a spot without conscious thought. When you are unaware of the reason for a body block the act of attention releases the hold.