WBS Self-Healing Through Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation is an effective form of self-healing. You can work with symptoms from depression, headaches, tension, injuries, and terminal illness.

The most important factor in curative visualization meditation is to observe. Start by observing the section of your body that is in need of healing. Check these things:

  • What is your body feeling?
  • How can what you are feeling assist you in your healing?

It is important you recognize the symptom is part of your solution and not your problem. You can identify your symptoms purpose or root with Finding the Source, or by doing your own research to help you determine and translate the symptom into conscious understanding.

Next, familiarize yourself with the Energetic Prayer process. This process describes specific energy patterns that need to be open so you can utilize your energy for self-healing. Using the Energetic Pryer process increases your visualization results.

A third and very important aspect is the energy of Open Ended Hope. You can find the practice under your Kindness Methods.

Once you are familiar with these topics, you will search out the personal and specific details of your beliefs that are supporting your root issue. Without this connection, you will find yourself doing the repair over and over. Repair, or working within the structure of your issue, is not the same as healing.

Once you have found the root specific details, let them, through personification, lead you in the direction of healing. To personify the root, you will treat it as if it is a life of its own and ask:

  • How does it know you?
  • Why would it want you to pay attention to it?
  • What support does this issue give you?

Keep in mind, you are still at the beginning of self-healing. Awareness can shift and change many physical, mental, and emotional issues. You may feel better at this stage of the process, but you have not completed the process. You are leading the body through a journey of remembrance. This increases your body’s ability to naturally self-heal. By continuing this remembrance, the body will, over time, take an active roll in self-healing.

“If at first you don’t succeed try try again.”

There is no time limit in healing. There is no reason to believe that if you do not get better after 30, 60, or 90 days that healing is impossible. Your body is healing all along the way, you just have to be patient for your body to release the many issues that create a single observable symptom. As your body continues to heal it will begin to exhibit it’s healing and strength in a way you can understand.

Symptoms of success in your visualization meditation process may appear as:

  • Tingling.
  • Numbness.
  • Vibration.
  • Feeling of activation.
  • Continued strength and regeneration.
  • Increased motion and mobility.

Some success symptoms are minor. You may not understand them at first. You may experience a regression, or return to previous symptoms. Just as when the disease or issue first began, when you are releasing it there will be tiny nudges and symptoms that seem to come and go. This is part of the reversal process, as you untangle your body, mind, brain, and spirit from this intricate web you have created. The important thing to remember throughout the process is the body is designed to heal.

You may need to accept that you have been in the way of your own healing. Consider that your focus, beliefs, and fears block your natural ability. With visualization meditation you can let the body lead you in the direction of self awareness. To get started, give yourself kindness, compassion, and love. Your practice foundation supports this need. With a strong foundation, you can move past being your own barrier.

Once you are familiar with the root issue, your energetic process that is holding you there, and you have an ability to be kind to yourself, you can move forward with this practice of self-healing through visualization meditation. If, while you visualize the repair you feel the desire to create the outcome you want, then you are not ready. Stop the practice and start back with The BASICS, get support from The STUDY.

Practice: First, observe the location that needs repair. What visual do you get? Which ever visual arrives, accept it. It is your creation. Allowing it to lead you is important. Stay in observation. Watch as the visual unfolds itself. When the visual is done you are finished with this first step. For some release this is the completion of your work.

When the visual repeats, there is more to be done. Ask yourself:

  • How do I work with the visual that I have received?
  • Where can I use my own ability to lead the repair by encouraging the visual to change?

Example: Your visual is of a park that has a bad vibration and is in need of upkeep. Pay attention to the details of the park. If the park is messy, visualize cleaning it up. Don’t just imagine it cleaned, see and feel yourself move through the space and pick up the trash. Visualize a way to remove the trash from the park. Through visualization, plant vegetation that soothes you and makes you feel welcomed in the area. Filter an unclean pond, build seating, invite animals, change the weather. Whatever makes you feel the park as lovely for you is a good direction to go. Never be impatient, angry, disappointed, or fed-up when doing visualization meditation for healing. These feelings can block your body’s ability to heal. Always stay in kindness, love, and support of yourself and others.

Practice Variation: It is possible to clean away sickness and disease through visualization. Start by visualizing the issue. You can use a creative approach to this by imagining the damage; or, if you prefer, you can do research and use a more realistic image for your visualization. You can also have your wellness practitioner provide you with your personal specifics.

Once you have chosen your visual, relax into your view of it. If the view is disturbing it may take you several mediation attempts to begin to relax. Acknowledge that there is nothing to be afraid of, that this sickness or disease is simply a self created fact, and that it is in need of your calm loving care to repair the damage that exists. Leave all emotions other than love behind you as you relax even further into your chosen view. Once settled, enter into the questioning phase. Ask:

  • The energy of your body to connect with the view you have chosen.
  • Is there anything that is inaccurate in your visual? If so ask the visual to change to support a more accurate connection.
  • Is there anything more that you need to be aware of?
  • Is anything in your visual missing or altered from the actual state of the area you are focusing on that would make your meditation less effective?

Remember during this process you are not self-creating. You are only observing and listening to the other layers of yourself. You are not searching with your mind to see if there is anything you missed, you are simply relaxing and observing what is the same or what changes.

Once all this is settled you will begin the conscious change in your visualization meditation.
Example: Your shoulder has sporadic pain. You have chosen a mechanical shoulder as your visual. Following your questioning, you observe there are wires that are broken and corrosion on the metal. Your next step is to imagine yourself repairing the damage. You might imagine cleaning the corrosion with something you mash together. As you clean with your composite do not force the change, observe it. If your first composite choice does not make the necessary change in the corrosion, pick a new product or process and try again. Keep working this way until you observe the corrosion’s change. Your imagination is used to select the product or process and is not used to create the change. The change is a spontaneous reaction to the process.

More Support

Self-healing is a complicated process with many minute details that vary from case to case. This Practice is meant to open you to possibilities. It cannot dictate to you the exact steps you will personally need to complete your self-healing process. If you want a more personalized, detailed direction you can join the next Self-Healing Through Visualization Meditation Group.