WBS The Nose Knows

You are watching a young child play. He is in his imagination. He is slightly out of his body and not seeing the solid world as you do. His eyes are focused on his toy as it appears to him to be a speeding car.

My car flies! The car moves effortlessly through the air. With his toy in his hand, he is learning to connect body motion and mind focus, while in spirit energy.

You notice he has a runny nose. Jumping up with tissue in hand, you grab the back of his head. Forcing the tissue to his face, holding his still as you accost his nose, he objects, crying and squirming. You release him and the he returns to flying his car through space.

If this one moment was the only experience and his runny nose never repeated it would have no meaning past what he and you observed. However, over time, not liking the repetition of the experience, he will make changes to stop the interruption. He may wipe his nose on his clothes to keep you from wiping it for him. He is learning to control his environment by forming a conclusion and a plan of action. He is first selfish and then selfless, trying to meet his need of no interruption by meeting your need of a snot free face.

Is that the end? Are you happy when your child’s clothes are covered in snot? Probably not. His win, his solution of meeting both his need and yours, becomes a lose as you put a stop to his using this method of control.

At first, he was independent. He allowed his mucus to flow freely without impediment, leaving his body with whatever the body was rejecting. Thing is, now his next solution to meet his need of no interruption and your need of a snot free face is probably his snorting his snot instead of letting it drip down his face. This behavior will back up his sinuses, cause nasal blockages and possible infections. His natural defenses are being compromised because of a societal belief regarding mucus.

What you tend to see, with the historic progression of the human condition, is a choice to interfere with the individual, controlling them and blocking their free will. You have always had the best of intentions and your control of another is meant to preserve your accepted and shared beliefs. When your belief systems are too focused, you begin to meet them at the detriment of the individual. You are never intending to be sinister or wicked. In fact, the entire time you are acting from kindness.

If this child is properly conditioned and socialized, he may never question your control nor your beliefs. In small ways he will block his energetic system and begin creating disease. Over time this self destruction will lead to death in his attempt to meet the beliefs of others. Seems exaggerated and simplistic and yet this is exactly what happens every day.

There is always a win-win if you can first understand your needs and then see how to meet the needs of others, remembering during the process to continually reference your balanced needs.

Practice: Part of your practice is being able to recognize your needs and see how to meet them in conjunction with the needs of others. Spend time in contemplation looking at yourself so you can understand the concept of self and then others.

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