WBS Touching Something Hot

Let your thoughts drift back to when you were a small child. You are in the kitchen watching a loved one cooking dinner. Take a moment to recall the details. The ingredient prep, the sounds, the smells—all the details had your attention.

You wanted to help. You were given a task to do, or perhaps you were impatient barely able to wait to eat. At the youngest of ages, when you reached for the stove, what was the first thing that happened?

Usually, your hand got swatted away. Someone raised their voice to stop you form bringing harm to yourself. Maybe your desire to see what would happen pushed you to touch the stove. Or maybe the shouts were confusing and since you didn’t understand the warning, you continued to reach for the stove. You might have pulled the pot off and spilled its hot contents on you or the floor. Perhaps you touched the stove and for a moment didn’t know what to do next as your hand had a sensation that was new to you. Only after your experience did you learn what that feeling was, what it was like to touch something hot.

After the first experience if you didn’t remember not to touch the stove, when you put your hand on a hot stove as a child, the pain was your signal to pull back and stop touching what was causing you pain.

When it comes to emotional pain you have a very similar detection system. You feel pain and you are encouraged to pull back and stop whatever is causing you pain. With the physical, over time you are taught to “push” through pain or “suck it up” and do things that hurt. You are shown when you are emotional to “push” through the moment or “suck it up”. Over time this becomes the norm and you think you are fine. You think the fact that you control your emotions or your physical pain means there is nothing wrong.

No matter how strong your mind and body get they can not override the aspects of your energy that follow. Universal Law is more powerful than your mind, brain, and body control. Energetics cannot be fooled, your personal truth will always show up somewhere—either in symptoms, feelings of discomfort, inability to manifest or connect. You may feel confusion when the flow of energy in your life ceases to follow what is expected. When it goes against the grain of your existence, you will feel pain. You might experience coercion of spirit as the universe takes control and forces the direction of life to meet your soul’s need on a greater level.

Practice: The support you need here is to understand what the symptom of pain means and learn to pull back from it and see what you want to see. Each time you pull back, learning to do it sooner and sooner, you create awareness. You begin to see how it is possible to free flow your energy through individuation.