Introducing a STUDY Webinar

Weekly Chat with Christine Contini, April 11, 2016

Be the Full Expression of Yourself
Founder of The TOTAL Concept STUDY. Join Christine weekly as she leads you in lively discussions regarding the STUDY Daily Concepts.

Required to Participate in Live Event

You will need a Google G-mail email.  This is necessary toparticipate live in the webinar conversations. Use this email to register for the Webinar. 

You will need Google Hangouts to participate live.   Some devices require plugins. You can request that your leader log you into a private test webinar or practice with a friend.

Webinar Event Time

Shortly before your event time the leader will login and send the live invites.  If you are not registered with a gmail email you will not get an invite. The device with your Google Hangouts account will ring.  Accept the call. Say hello.

Events are recorded. Recordings can be viewed online from theArchives.

Monday The 11th
At 8:30 PM -

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