What is the STUDY?

The STUDY is a way for us to prove to the world self healing is real.  As you journey through a progressive Body, Mind, and Spirit experience we track your ability to self heal.  Here is what people are saying about The STUDY.

How does this work?

We start off gently, easing you into the process. You will be comfortable. It’s as simple as texting, visiting FaceBook, video calling, and participating in group chats with your best friends.

During the week we peak your interest with short 30-90 second video blurbs, waking you up to what’s coming.  The flow of information is natural and easy to follow.   Working with the brains current behavior, the process is fun,  entertaining, and enlightening.  This is the Core of your Wellness Program, positioning you effortlessly for self healing processes.

You will become part of a group.  Groups are guided by a STUDY Leader fluent in wellness practices and self healing methods to make sure you are getting the support and answers you need.  Daily group communication is optional and  helps you see and understand things completely.  Many share their stories in this group, inspiring and helping others or getting help for themselves as they go.

After 7-10 days we add weekly On Line Conversational Sessions (webinars) about the Core Information received during the week. These are offered on our platform for live participation. Can’t attend a session? No problem. Sessions are recorded to be reviewed or enjoyed at your convenience.

Customize your experience by choosing from a number of Expansion Programs to meet your current needs.  Not sure what to choose?  Feel free to ask for guidance, we are happy to be of service.  Expansion Programs assist you in the area of easy change, growth through understanding, experience, and fun.

As we progress we integrate a workbook style resource center for those who want more hands on detailed information and skills practice.

Most items are available on line for convenience and ease of use.  A very small list of hands on activities are not available on line either live or recorded.

Getting Started

First Step- fill out the online application.  If you have questions that you need answered right away feel free to call or text 702-550-8760.


*Some participants may need to Interview with the STUDY Coordinator, or the director Christine Contini, either in person or over the phone.