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Adjusting water

waterThis section supports STUDY Day 2
Water has the capability of being easily programmable, the original nanotechnology if you will. With a single, simple thought, intention, feeling we can program water, energize it, adjust it to be what we need.  Even more amazing than the fact that it can be programmed, it has been shown that water seems to hold the thoughts until acted upon with a new thought vibration or frequency.

  • Water responds to thought, feelings, intentions, beliefs, prayer, desire.  Water can be programmed.
  • Standing or stagnant water can be activated, more accurately stated it can be accelerated, when it touches water that has been programmed. Just as it will flow from high ground to low ground, water will accept the transmission of this information from programmed water until it is acted upon by a new frequency, intention, or program.

Adjusting water to effect the body and its hydration

The surface tension of water is measured in dyne units.  This is the amount of pressure it takes to break the surface of water. If the surface tension is too high, the water can not saturate the cells enough to carry nutrition to the body or to remove waste material from the body.  The ideal surface tension for the human body to accept water into the cell membranes is usually between 46 and 48 dynes.

  • Water at a dynes reading of 46-48 is more readily accepted into the cell through cell membrane creating a greater level of hydration.  If the water is at a dynes of 60-80 which is not an uncommon measurement for sitting water, it is less readily moved through the cellular membrane.  You can drink water all day long and still live as a dehydrated individual.
  • As water that is adjusted moves through the body and touches stationary water the contact can adjust water to the program, creating a simultaneous shift throughout the body.
  • Water is capable of holding an intention/frequency without continual energetic effort, therefore intent can be distributed with less effort on a body level when added to water.
  • Adjusted water can be programmed to remove toxins from the cells.  This encourages health on a physical cellular level in addition to the energetic health of the cell the intention or intent will provide.

Methods to adjusting water

What do we do? We ask. We ask the water to meet our need.  How do we ask?  We ask in a way that follows our beliefs.  This is an easy intuitive process.

  • If you generally express respect or gratitude when asking for things use this method when adjusting/programming water.  Water “enjoys” your personality.
  • We know everything has a frequency. If we scramble the frequency of the water in our body we can effectively release whatever the water is programmed currently to hold, in the next moment giving the water our current intention.
  • Prayer is a way to focus intent. Asking with respect and gratitude in a prayer like fashion has been found to be very effective when programming water
  • Using feeling is like copy and pasting code, it will be duplicated precisely.  Two of the key vibrations that seem to open access to many transformations are the pure vibration of respect and gratitude.  The more balanced these vibrations are in the sender the more pure the vibration is received into the water.
  • Suggestion for hydration- intend that the water be at the proper dynes level for the process instead of focusing on a specific dynes measurement.

You can adjust the texture, taste, smell, feel of water without anything more than a thought.  Some of you may be natural at this and need no other direction.  For those of you that need practice here are some things that make it easier when starting your practice:

  • Hold the vessel of water between both hands.  It is easier to send energy between two hands for most people.
  • Form the intention that this water will meet your need or the need of the person it is being altered for.  Accentuate the need of the physical body in the intention, that the body will be capable of accepting the alteration and intend the body to adapt to the change.
  • Feel the water as it currently exists.
  • Clear the mind and settle into the body.  Pull the energy that was formed during the intention into the core of your being, from the abdomen to the throat.
  • Feel the water as an extension of how you feel inside your core.
  • When the water and your core feel the same you have accomplished your goal of altering the water.

Does it matter what holds the water?

The material and container can make a difference in the water itself.  It does not change your ability to adjust the water.  I prefer to use glass simply because it feels good to me while I make the adjustment.  Metal tends to make my mouth taste funny.  Plastic doesn’t get in the way at all.  In fact I intend purposefully to counteract any thing the container has done to the water that will not be beneficial to the consumer.

How long does it take?

On average it takes from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on your experience and the person you are altering water for as well as the aspects being altered.

What does it look like?

Most of us will never know what this looks like.  There have been many experiments testing these types of processes. One of the more famous books is The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto who photographed the crystallization of water acted upon with intent.

Experiment, try this…

Fill a tub with water.  Alter the water to mend some physical aches and pain and then have someone with aches and pain soak in the tub for 15-60 minutes and see what happens.

Put a thought form into the water of your favorite water bottle, that the water will be self adjusting, that it will continually alter all water that it touches to meet our need in the moment.  Refill the bottle when down to the last 1/2 inch.  If drained completely repeat the process.

Have multiple people work with the same item of water.  Multiple people will give layers of self vibration to the water filling in the missing vibrations for each other.

Put in a thought form to cleanse all waste material from your cells.  Encourage the water to contact cells at the proper dyne level.


What’s next?

What are you going to do with this information? You all drink water! We encourage you to use your imagination and make things happen that we couldn’t have thought of because we are not you.  Please share your stories and experiences with us through your online journal or the contact us form.

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