Yoga Off the Mat Expansion Program

The goal is to balance body, mind, and spirit. Stiffness, aches, and body pain are energetic blocks and cords manifesting themselves for you to bring awareness to what your true self needs. This awareness can be done on OR off the yoga mat. We find the source, and work towards releasing and balancing this energy. Form follows thought. The concept of simply thinking/envisioning these assignments will create space for energetic movement. Our blocks keep us from our greatest potential. Imagine what is possible with just a few adjustments!


Week 1 – Breathing

Pranayama ( breathing in Sanskrit ) is so important to developing in any aspect of your life. Breathing exercises help regulate and balance your body, mind, and spirit. Prana ( vital life force energy ) can become unbalanced – this is where pain, illness, and disease come from. Bringing awareness to your breath on a conscious level will create a positive shift in your body, mind, and spirit.

Pranayama exercise to open the heart – 3 part breath. Begin by placing your right hand over your heart and your left hand over your belly button. You can do this sitting comfortably or lying down comfortably; just keep the spine long however you decide to be. The three part breath refers to your abdomen, diaphragm, and chest. Inhale from the bottom of your stomach through your nose, continue this inhalation up through your rib cage, and finish the inhale in your upper chest. The exhale ( done through the nose) is completely reversed – from the upper chest, down the ribs cage, and ending in the lower stomach. Try doing 3 counts in and 3 counts out to begin with – then when you are ready and able, add more. Always honor your body and where you are at. Let go of ego and where you “should” be.

Many of us have shallow breathing patterns – habits developed from compounded posture from sitting, driving, etc. This lack of oxygen to your blood vessels can create strain on your heart, lungs, and brain. Benefits of this pranayama exercise – increased oxygen supply which will decrease stress and anxiety. Creates awareness to the present moment and calms the mind. Grounding.

I recommend to do this exercise 3 times a day – in the morning before you start your day, in the afternoon prior to lunch, and before bed. 1 minute each time. That’s it! Set the small goals – meet them and then add more. Maybe eventually you work your way up to 20 minutes each round! For now, start small and you will still receive the same benefits!

This week – try your best to do this breathing exercise everyday.

Mid Week try Alternate Nostril Breathing

In Sanskrit it is Nadi Shodhan Pranayama.  It’s a little easier to say Alternate Nostil Breathing. Watch this video for a full detailed description on how to do this pranayama technique.

Left nostril is for calming and the right nostril is for energy.

This breathing technique will help settle you, cool your body down, calm yourself, and relax your nervous system.

Other benefits – cleanses lungs, improves brain function, improves sleep, GREAT prep for meditation ( try it next time before you meditate! ), helps control body temperature, clears and boots your energy.

Loving you all. Namaste.